Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner Large Sizes 7m+

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Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner Large Sizes 7m+
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Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner

Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC Pond Liner Large Sizes 7m+

Gordon Low's economical high quality PVC Pond Liner is suitable for small to medium ponds, having excellent flexibility and high puncture resistance. PVC pond liner is great for smaller ponds such as wildlife ponds and goldfish ponds.

How to calculate your required liner size:

It is recommended to purchase pond liner after you have dug your hole and measured this exactly to ensure you don’t buy too little

  1. Measure your new pond at the maximum length, width and depth in metres
  2. Double the depth measurement
  3. Add the doubled depth measurement to each the length and the width
  4. Ensure you add at least 0.5m on to each measurement
  5. Round each of the figures up to the nearest half metre to get your liner size


  1. Measure the ponds widest points (2.3m (L) x 1.7m (W) x 0.5m (D))
  2. Double the depth measurement (0.5m x2 = 1m)
  3. Add the number from step 2, to both the length and width measurement in step 1 (2.3m + 1m = 3.3m | 1.7m + 1m = 2.7m)
  4. Add at least 0.5m of overlap to each side (3.3m + 0.5m = 3.8m | 2.7m + 0.5m = 3.2m)
  5. Round each of the numbers from step 4 up to the nearest half metre. (3.8m becomes 4m | 3.2m becomes 3.5m)

Required liner size is 4m x 3.5m

Make sure when building your new pond that you remove all sharp stones, debris and any large roots from around the edge of the pond. It is also recommended to add a layer of sand to the bottom of the pond before lining and to protect your liner with underlay. Never forgot how heavy water is when using pond liner, all sides of the pond must be well supported.

The other main consideration to take into account before laying your pond liner is to make sure that the pond of your new pond is completely level.

You will receive further instructions for constructing a pond and laying a liner within our liner packaging.

Make sure that you protect your pond liner using our underlay packs. All our underlay packs are 5m x 2m - The number of underlay packs required depends on the size of liner you are buying, the following quantity of underlays are required for our stocked liner sizes:

Liner Size Underlay Packs Required
3m x 2.5m 1 pack required
3m x 3m 1 pack required
4m x 3m 2 packs required
5m x 3m 2 packs required
5m x 4m 2 packs required
5m x 5m 3 packs required
6m x 4m 3 packs required
6m x 5m 3 packs required
6m x 6m 4 packs required
7m x 5m 4 packs required
7m x 6m 5 packs required
7m x 7m 5 packs required
8m x 4m 4 packs required
8m x 6m 5 packs required
8m x 7m 6 packs required
8m x 8m 7 packs required

You can view our pond underlay by clicking here. Please ensure you add the correct quantity to your basket for the size of liner you are purchasing.

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