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About Maidenhead Aquatics

Maidenhead Aquatics First Store

Why choose Maidenhead Aquatics? 

From the day we opened the first store in the centre of Maidenhead, we’ve firmly believed that one of the key ingredients to our success is employing fish keepers. Our staff are people who share your enthusiasm and if you’ve visited more than one of our stores, you’ll know that as the UK’s leading chain with outlets nationwide, each branch has its own character and specialities.

The Maidenhead Aquatics Ethos

  • Quality livestock and unbeatable customer service in every store
  • Regular visits to breeders and exporters worldwide to bring you the very best livestock
  • Exclusivity on latest discoveries and new varieties
  • The needs of the livestock is our utmost priority
  • By creating our very own livestock charter, we aspire to meet the highest welfare standards in the trade.
  • Exclusive range of dry good products for all your fish keeping needs e.g. Oak Aquariums, AquaTropic and AquaManta filters 

To see what Maidenhead Aquatics has to offer – come in and talk to The Fishkeeper!

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