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Our Charter

At Maidenhead Aquatics our aim is to promote responsible fishkeeping by offering sound advice and only selling healthy livestock. We care for your fish as much as you do and their welfare is our top priority, so we always aim to abide by the following code of practice:

  • We will not knowingly sell unhealthy livestock.
  • We will not sell fish that are unsuitable for captivity.
  • We will not sell artificially coloured fish.
  • We will not sell genetically modified fish.
  • We will not knowingly sell fish for homing in unfiltered aquaria.
  • We will not knowingly sell goldfish for aquaria of a capacity of less than 13 litres.
  • We will not knowingly sell inappropriate species for nano aquaria .
  • We will not knowingly sell both fish and aquaria to the same customer on the same day.
  • We will not sell large numbers of fish for newly-established aquaria.

These principles have been created with the welfare of fish in mind, so we appreciate your understanding.

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