BiOrb Green Water Clarifier


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BiOrb Green Water Clarifier
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Use this cartridge temporarily in place of the normal BiOrb filter cartridge to clear green water. Biorb filter cartridges should be changed every 4 to 8 weeks, however if you are having algae and/or green water problems it is recommended to switch to one of these units as soon as you see the problem.

To get green water problems under control this cartridge can be used in place of the normal filter cartridge temporarily. Along with the sachets of treatment supplied it will remove the algae which cause green water. Follow the simple step by step instructions supplied to remove the algae and clear your BiOrb water.

This is a treatment cartridge, it does not prevent green water. The best way to prevent green water is to minimise feeding and carry out regular maintenance.

Pack Includes:

  • 1 x treatment cartridge
  • 2 x treatment sachets
  • 1 x cleaning pad
  • Intended for use in all BiOrb aquariums
  • Clears green water
  • Treatment sachets included
  • 450g bag