Do you purchase or "re-home" fish from customers?

    As a rough guideline, we are unable to accept pond fish, goldfish or livebearers due to the potential health issues associated with these species. We will always try to accommodate any other fish for potential "re-homing", but do please remember that is done at the discretion of the Store Manager and that there are species that we are simply unable to take in, such as those that are unsuitable for sale due to their large adult size. In the case of "Tank-Buster" species such as these, we'd recommend that you contact the original vendor to discourage their importation and sale. Sadly, the capacity of zoos and aquaria to house many of these large species is now exhausted in most cases.

    The welfare and health of our stock is paramount and if we do not have the space or the ability to safely re-home a particular fish, then we unfortunately cannot do so. Also, as these fish can be of unknown age or condition, we are unable to guarantee any specific level of credit or exchange without prior arrangement with the Store Manager. Due to the nature of the aquatic retail trade and the sheer diversity of species, all such decisions must be made on a case-by-case basis at store level.

    Please call your local store to discuss your situation directly with them before visiting, as arriving in the store with your fish in hand could lead lead to undue stress for both fish and fish keeper if we are unable to house them. We do not generally purchase fish from anyone without the correct livestock and pet licences in place. Occasionally credit can be offered for rare or desirable species but once again, any such decision are made at the discretion of the Store Manager.

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