​What happens if I have an issue with the fish I purchased?

    Since its creation, Maidenhead Aquatics has always been run “by fishkeepers, for fishkeepers”, so the health and welfare of your fish is our utmost priority. That’s why if your fish appear unwell or you have any concerns about their health, then we recommend contacting the store that you purchased them from directly strong so that the staff can help in any way they can. They will then work closely with you to help look into the cause of any problems and advise you on the best course of treatment to get your fish fighting fit again.

    In the unfortunate event of the loss of your fish, however, Maidenhead Aquatics is dedicated to helping you to determine the cause for the loss, address the problem and avoid a repeat of the situation. For this reason, we recommend taking the following steps: 

    1. Recover the body of the fish if at all possible and place in a separate, airtight container - wherever possible do not freeze the body.
    2. Using a clean & suitable container, take a sample of the aquarium water (at least 100 ml), remembering to keep any fish separate from this to avoid inaccurate results
    3. Contact the store directly and let them know what’s happened. You can easily find contact details for all of the stores in your area by entering your postcode into our online store-finder 
    4. Visit the store at your earliest convenience, bringing along proof of purchase, the water sample and wherever possible the body with you. 

    In the unfortunate event you feel that your concerns have not been dealt with satisfactorily at the store level, then please  contact our customer service team for further advice. Please note you must liaise with the store first before contacting our Head Office.

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