What puffer fish are suitable for a tropical freshwater community tank?

    At first sight this question has a very short answer - none!

    Puffers are equipped with powerful bites and short tempers and this combination can spell disaster for delicate community fish that find themselves in close proximity. Puffers are always more peaceful on a full stomach and often vary in character from one individual to the next. If a community of fishes are selected with the pufferfish in mind, compatible species can often be found for a few of the more peaceable types such as the South American Puffer Colomesus asellus.

    Fish eating species such as the Congo puffer Tetraodon miurus will always regard tank mates as a menu option and must be kept in a species aquarium. In order not to see your pet’s dark side it is always best to keep puffers in a dedicated set up where you can enjoy their many good points without witnessing the more negative aspects of their character

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