Fishkeeper Fry 2022

Fishkeeper Fry is an 8-week video led programme that teaches and encourages children the wonder of a new skill: fishkeeping. 

We hope that your child has enjoyed Fishkeeper Fry 2020 as much as we have creating it and that they have learned some valuable lessons about how to keep fish well. We really hope that they will go on to want to become responsible fishkeepers one day.

To help you to continue to support your child on their journey of discovery into fishkeeping and to experience the amazing benefits of keeping fish at home, we have put together a number of exclusive introductory offers for you and your child to make it even easier for your child to get started with their own aquarium and keeping pet fish at home.

A range of offers have been put together for all Fishkeeper Fry Students, these start at £34.99. All of these offers allow you and your children the essentials to be able to start fishkeeping at home. All offers come with test strips, and chemicals free of charge.

These offers are available in-store and online and are valid for a limited time only.

Fishkeeper Fry Student Exclusive Offers

The Fluval Flex would be the ideal tank to allow your child to continue their Fishkeeping education. The 57L Fluval Flex is the tank that we have used in the programme. 

Fluval Flex aquariums are fantastic starter aquariums, complete with lighting, filter and filter media. If you take advantage of this offer you will also receive food, chemicals as well as two test kits free of charge. This offering allows you to have a complete set up worthy of any fishkeeper.

Save Over £60 on the bundles below.

Simply add the full bundle to your basket and use codes FryFlex34 or FryFlex57

If your child has expressed an interest in Fishkeeping and you would like to share their new hobby with them and your home, a Fluval Roma may be more suited to you. 

Coming in a range of colours and sizes, these aquariums can become a staple in your home, all Roma aquariums come with a filter as standard. When purchasing as part of our Fishkeeper Fry Offers you will receive food, chemicals and 2 packs of test strips free of charge.

Save Over £250.00 on selected Fry Fluval Roma bundles

Get a FREE AquaCare value pack with our current sale price when you add the bundles below to your cart and use code FryRoma


AquaTropic aquariums are fantastic aquariums for children wanting to continue their Fishkeeping journey. When purchased as part of our Fishkeeper Fry programme, you will receive a 10% discount on the aquarium as well as food, chemicals and test strips for free. 

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