Fluval Essential Media Pack


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Fluval Essential Media Pack
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The perfect solution for clear water and healthy fish. Fluval has long been recognised as the leading name in aquarium filtration and has one of the most complete filter media selections available.

Now three of the most popular media are available in one value pack, perfect for that monthly filter clean!

The value pack contains:

Fluval Water Polishing Pads to quickly clear cloudy water following tank cleaning; they effectively trap micro particles and debris as water passes through. Fluval Water Polishing Pads are ideally used when cloudy water occurs or after tank maintenance to provide crystal clear aquarium water.

Fluval Carbon to improve water clarity and odour; Carbon filters out harmful liquid substances from the water, such as heavy metals, odours, discolorations, pollutants and toxins. It is worth noting that the carbon will also strip out most fish medications and treatments so you should remove the carbon if you need to treat the fish for any illness. 

Fluval Ammonia Remover is designed to neutralise toxic ammonia, a common issue for new, heavily stocked and overfed aquariums. These pads are not intended for continuous use and are best added after a high level of ammonia is indicated from your regular water testing. Also a great option to add when adding the first few fish to a new aquarium.

The packs include 3 of each type of media and are for Fluval 104/5/6 and 204/5/6 external filters. Buying this pack gives a 25% saving compared to buying the same media separately.

  • Designed for use with Fluval External Filters
  • Discount multipack
  • Water polishign pad is very effective at trapping micro particles improving water clarity
  • Ammonia remover absorbs harmful ammonia from the water
  • Carbon filters out harmful liquid substances from the water
  • Helps create clear and healthy water for fish and plants to thrive
  • Pack contains 3 of each