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Pontec by Oase

Get your pond ready for spring with our fantastic range of products from Pontec by Oase. Whether you're creating a new pond for 2018, or simply need new inspiration to get you going, Pontec offer a fantastic range of competitively priced pond products to suit any garden pond.

Great value water and air pumps to keep your pond moving

Create a grand waterfall using the Pondomax powerful watercourse and filter pump. Big lifts and the acceptance of large particles through the strainer make this pump great for a larger pond, or ideal to create a fast flowing waterfall. If you're looking to create a fountain in the centre of your pond, then the Pondovario is for you. Available in 5 sizes all supplied with 4 fountain attachments included, the Pondovario doesn't even have any sponges inside making it last longer between cleans. For added aeration when the weather warms up, Pontec have 2 different versions of their Pondoair sets which will keep the pond full of essential oxygen during the longer summer days.

Filtration to keep everything clean and fresh this season

Pontec offers a great variety of filtration for fish ponds and nature ponds to help keep the water clear (so you can enjoy the fish), and safe (to make sure your fish thrive throughout the year). Except for the PonDuett, all of these filters come complete with an ultra violet light which fuses algae particles together greatly reducing the workload of the filter. All of these products come complete with a pump and media to get you started. View the range and click of their tech specs to find out which filter is suitable for your pond size.

Shed a little light on a warm spring evening

Pontec submersible pond lighting can shine some light on the darkest corners of your garden or pond. The warm evenings are fast approaching. Why not illuminate the underwater world of your pond so your fish can be seen all evening? All of these lighting sets can be used in the water or as garden lights used to show off your show stopping favourite plants or light up the way to the barbecue. All of these lighting sets are low wattage and have minimal running costs.

Something extra to make this season easier

Other products in the Pontec range include the fantastic value Pondomatic vacuum. This powerful vac will have the bottom of your pond clean in no time, complete with a range of attachments to make cleaning up that bit easier. Also aiding the clean-up mission is the Pondoskim. This floating, self-contained skimmer is brilliant at removing debris, leaves and uneaten food from the surface and can greatly aid in the removal of unsightly surface foam that can develop as ponds become more active.

Pontec is a part of the market leading Oase group, offering incredible value on reliable, energy efficient products for your pond. With more than 10 years of experience, Pontec has continuously further developed, improved, and above all made their products even more practical for you!

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