Our Continued Work with LINI - 2017 Update

Posted on the 5th February 2018

In late November 2017, Maidenhead Aquatics once again visited our friends from LINI at their Aquaculture and Training Centre in Northern Bali, Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago of over 17,00 islands which host over 51,000km² of coral reefs. That is almost 20% of the worlds reefs!

We have been proudly supporting LINI for a number of years now along with our aquatic importers and it's thrilling to see the progress they are making to preserving their reefs whilst working tirelessly to educate us of the importance of what they do. 

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This year the team took gifts with them including a number of marine water test kits (kindly donated by API) to be used at the centre. Unfortunately test kits can be difficult for LINI to source in Indonesia, and as a result, they are very expensive to purchase. Many thanks to our friends at API, and there was no question that Gayatri (the founder of LINI) and her team were very appreciative of the donation.

During our visit, Gayatri also informed us of the problems they have at the centre with frequent power cuts. This can be a real concern as one of the major projects at the centre is a breeding programme for Banggai Cardinal fish and Ocellaris Clownfish. During long power cuts her team need to manually aerate the water to keep the fish alive. So as a result, on return to the UK we spoke with popular aquatic brand Interpet, who have subsequently agreed to donate a number of Blagdon Liberty solar powered Pond Oxygenator Pulse Air Pumps and solar powered mains-free water pumps to LINI. Many thanks to Mark and the team at Interpet, as these pumps will literally be lifesavers! 

As part of their visit our team were given a guided snorkel tour of the reef regeneration site our donations to LINI have helped fund. Over the past 3 years, both our own and our customers donations, have helped LINI fund the deployment of over 100 reef regeneration structures as well helping fund many of the other fantastic projects LINI carry out at the centre and across the Indonesian archipelago.

This link shows video footage taken in the reef restoration sites where structures were built funded by our donations: Watch the video

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It has been another busy 12 months since Maidenhead Aquatics' last visit for Gayatri and her team:

Two of LINI’s new interns have been working on two on-going reef monitoring programs. First is the artificial reef coral recruitment survey. They count the number of hard and soft coral structures, tunicates, sponges, and sea fans that grow on selected artificial reef structures at various depths. The data is used to compare the biodiversity on artificial reef structures that are located at 5 – 7 meters depth with those at 10 – 12 meters depth.

In the second program, they tag several hard coral structures and measure how much they grow every week. They measure the sizes of the tagged corals, length or width depending on the species, then compare growth rates of corals growing at different depths. 

The information gained from these on-going programs is used to help the LINI team decide on to how to improve placement of the artificial reefs on the sea bed, and more generally, to gain more knowledge about marine science. Ultimately it will help them determine the most effective depths at which the artificial reef structures in the sea around Les island need to be deployed.

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In late April 2017, over 150 school children from three primary schools in Les village came together to celebrate Earth Day by conducting a beach clean-up along a 2km stretch of beach in front of their village. During the morning the children collected over 375kg of rubbish, mostly plastic, which was then loaded into a waste truck.  

The day before the beach clean-up LINI organised some fun learning activities for the children, including painting designs on the rubbish bins, and a ‘recycled art’ competition. During the day the LINI team spoke about plastic waste and its detrimental impact on marine life. Educating the local communities about the dangers of plastic waste to the fragile ecosystem around them is a very important part of LINI’s work.

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In September, a volcano in the north of Bali, Mount Agung, began to show signs of an imminent eruption and villages in the area were evacuated. One of the refugee camps was located only a couple of miles away from the 'LATC' (LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre) at Les.

The camp was temporary home to 1800 refugees, of which 200 were children. Due to the status of Mt. Agung, all of the planned school visits to the LATC had to be cancelled, however the LINI team carried on with the children’s education by moving their activities to the children’s tent in the refugee camp. They set up marine environmental education games, drawing and colouring and transported their audio visual equipment to show films to the children at camp.

Currently Mount Agung is continuing to cause problems and last week 4 further eruptions were recorded, meaning the work to help the local communities continues.

LINI are dedicated to finding long lasting solutions to help provide improved and sustainable livelihoods for the coastal communities of Indonesia. Reef regeneration is just one of the projects LINI is a part of but it is vitally important project. Healthy reefs protect community beaches from storm surges, provide a sustainable source of food and aquarium fish, whilst also creating opportunities for eco-tourism activities throughout the region helping to educate and protect the reefs for generations to come.

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To find out more about LINI, go to http://lini.or.id/ and learn about their great work which include:

  • Coral reef rehabilitation
  • Artificial reef manufacture and deployment
  • Coral reef ecology studies
  • Surveys and monitoring of livestock populations
  • Teacher training 
  • Conservation education programs
  • Training in sustainable collection and handling
  • Training in sustainable fisheries management

Many thanks to Gayatri and her dedicated team for all of their continued hard work. We look forward to visiting the team at Les village again later this year.

Please visit www.lini.or.id to find out more information about the great work of LINI and to find out how you can support their conservation and training projects.

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