Aquagarden Inpond Four In One
Aquagarden Inpond Four In One
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Aquagarden Four In One Filter Pump and UV Clarifier



Aquagarden Four In Oneis a compact solution for smaller ponds, its a filter pump and UV clarifier all in one in a simple easy to maintain box. The technology is virtually invisible the ability to hide the Four In One under the water line is to preserve the appearance of the pond and make sure it remains undisturbed.

Stunning Illumination

LED Automatic Sensor detects when light levels are lowor high. The light then automatically illuminates or turns off depending on the time of day. An optional blackout sensor cover is a also included for continuous illumination.

Easy cleaning

The Aquagarden Four In One is held down by clips and has a large handle for easy maintenance. This is a huge benefit when maintaining the filter as no tools are required to remove any parts. We recommend cleaning the filter sponges and impellers to prolong the life of the consumable items.

Coarse Debris Displacement:

The strainer allows coarse debris particles like fish waste or dead plants up to to pass through with ease. Larger debris gets caught reducing the amount of filter maintenance that is required, thanks to the caging this can be considered the first filter stage.

Energy Efficient Motor:

The efficient OASE engine is particularly economical and effectively reduces running costs. The pump also includes a safety mechanism the pump will automatically turn off during dry running, when blocked and is there is a heavy resistance of water flow this it try and protect the motor and impeller.

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