Ma Pond Stick 300
Ma Pond Stick 300
Exclusive to us!

Maidenhead Aquatics Pond Stick


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Our exclusive pond sticks are the staple in our range. Suitable for all coldwater fish including all goldfish varieties, orfe, rudd, mirror carp and grass carp. Pond sticks should be fed throughout the summer season when the water is warm, up to 3 days daily, depending on the filtration of the pond. Always keep an eye on water quality when increasing the quantity of feeding as uneaten fish food is a big contributor to high nitrite levels in ponds. Do not feed if the water temperature is below 10°c, always remember to use winter wheatgerm as the weather turns cool.

Our pond sticks are made up of:
• Crude Protein 23%
• Crude Oils & Fats 3%
• Crude Fibres 3%
• Crude Ash 5%

Brought to you exclusively by the award-winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation.

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