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Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator


The HYDRA 40 is no normal internal filter. Using Hydro-Pure technology that is capable of enhancing the natural filtration processes in a...

The HYDRA 40 is no normal internal filter. Using Hydro-Pure technology that is capable of enhancing the natural filtration processes in aquariums by as much as 50% when compared to conventional systems. With the help of the Cata-Pure Cartridge the traditional nitrogen cycle is sped up as several stages are by passed andunnecessary.

Basically, ammonia in the water (NH3,NH4) – goes straight to Nitrogen ( N2) in one process.  This results in almost instant maturity of tanks, and keeping of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates at very low levels ongoing.

  • Hydra internal power filter.
  • Effectively controls nitrite and nitrate by eliminating ammonia with groundbreaking Hydro-Pure technology.
  • Ultra High Efficiency.
  • Stable Water Quality.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Chemical Free process.
  • Modern filter design to maximize space of filtration.
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Easy to pull apart and cleant.
  • Very quiet motor operation and reliability.

Hydro-Pure Technology

Reduction in the nutrient level in which the biological filtration could not remove. Stable and constant nitrification and denitrification processes.

Anaerobic Chamber

Media (not included) can be added to this chamber for anaerobic processes, where dissolved oxygen is absent or only present in small quantities.

Biological & Mechanical Filtration

A premium filter sponge used to trap suspended debris. High porosity sponge also allows beneficial bacteria to colonise the surface area provided.

The Hydra 40 also acts as a traditional internal filter – trapping dirt and debris in its foam insert. Suitable for aquariums up to 500 Litres.  Unique filter media lasts 12 months.

  • Flow Rate : 800lph
  • Power usage: 10watt
  • Size: 123 x 83 x 274mm (LxWxH)
  • Recommended for aquariums between 200-500L.

Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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200 litre reef rank new set up. Iv had tropical tanks for years but wanted a reef tank. Set this up with the hydra 40 no sump or skimmer. 25 kg of live rock. All levels are bang on this has been running for over a month now with no problems. Hard to believe that this pump on its own is doing the job of £100's worth of equipment I don't need.

Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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The staff at the Staines branch suggested I use this as I am going to try marines for the first time in 38yrs of fish keeping (give or take a few dry periods)
I am using an Askol XL tank at present and was dubious about the capabilities of the internal filter and the fact it was costing me £32 every month in media alone. Up comes the Hydra 40 £69.99 and media lasts for 12 months....instant saving in 2 months, has to be a bonus.
I dipped the tank first and checked the levels...which I was expecting to be high due to a period of overstocking while I was away (livebearers) as well as the better half thinking I don't feed them enough :-( sure enough they were a tad high.
NO3 25
So 50% water change and in the HYDRA 40 went. less than 24 hrs later
I have a crystal clear tank, not bad before, but this looks different. I have fish that are dancing for joy and deportment was fantastic from Platies, Mollies to Loaches and two shrimps that are completely mad but now appear to be on steroids.
Water tested and results were fantastic, bear in mind I added no chemicals other than Stress Coat when the water was changed (live in a hard water area btw) so results are.
NO3 = 25
NO2 = 0
GH = >14.d
KH = 6.d
PH = 6,8
CI2 = 0

Over the moon here. I look forward to the strip down of the tank and offering the huge populous to them at Staines...where else do you go to give away your fish?
This easy to use, easy to assemble and disassemble Filtration system is all you need, monthly check to clear any blockage in the sponge is about all I believe.

The fish by the way are enjoying surfing in the huge current of the Hydra 40 with a turn over of 800L per Hour. this is honestly the best bit of gear I have owned for fish keeping.

Well done Staines...sorry cant remember the chaps name I know Troy was there and the man recommending it was a tall, friendly bald/shaven head (sorry) with glasses, he took time out to show me the kit and assist me for my venture into the marine world, spent over 40 mins with me, now thats customer service.

Thanks Guys.

Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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After using this product for nearly 6 months I've had some fantastic results of 0 - 25 levels Nitrate/Nitrite. 25 Is the max I have recorded on reliable tests. (Steer clear of API test kits as it always show inaccurate results) would recommend Tettra and JBL Test kits.
On purchasing this product you will notice its build quality is very high and it is easily fitted and installed. (note if it comes with more than one cartridge it probably needs both)
Amazingly for the first 2 months I had it running on 'ONE' Cartridge and the results were very good but with Two it was spectacular. No ammonia recorded what so ever in 6 months no Nitrite and Nitrate has been a doddle low level across the board. On a 500L African Cichlid with Catfish+Plecs tank I change 25% every 2 weeks due to this product.
(When first installed there will be a spike for a few days don't panic this is the result of the change of nitrate process and the pump working overtime to compensate for the tanks currant parameters)
The Ocean Free Hydra is great for water movement too, and creates an strong flow dependent on what setting you have it on!
Note the Hydra also works well on Marine tanks and has equally good results it also drastically reduces the gaps between adding new fish or plants etc (This info was received from a close friend who recently set up a new marine tank using this product) (if in doubt use the protein skimmer as well but you may eventually choose not to)
Over all this is one of the best aquarium products I have ever used and it is well worth the rather small investment even if your still in doubt for £69.99 what have you really got to lose)
(Important, Medication that contains copper can't be used when the product is in use turn it off for the duration of treatment and for 24hrs after to allow other filtrating to remove the remaining medication) I recommend this pump in conjunction with another pump with necessary media and not as a primary filter. I recommend All Pond Solutions Canister Filters personally as they are well priced and have everything you need.


Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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Bought for my 500 litre marine tank. Build quality is excellent and silent operation. I have been running it for about a week now water is crystal clear and all parameters are zero. Good build and styling.

Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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just purchased this for my new tank just installed and the power its gives off is awesome all levels are zero and the flow rate is great recommend by tony north west manager also helped with me new tank with kissel lighting looks beautiful

Ocean Free Hydra 40 Internal Filter and Depurator

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I have a marine reef aquarium with so's and lap colonies. I use to run bio pellet reactors but changed over to the hydra 40 inside the sump. Was sceptical at first but all my readings have been zero. Phosphates still read but that's because the technologies chances it into solid phosphate. Really happy with this product and highly recommend it to anyone.

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