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Ocean Free Hydra Filtron 1000 Canister Filter


Ocean Free's new Filtron series of canister filters, connects the brand's Hydra-Pure technology with…

Ocean Free's new Filtron series of canister filters, connects the brand's Hydra-Pure technology with a new 4-stage water purification system.

Hydra Filtron’s 4-Stage Water Purification, goes beyond the conventional 3 stage filtration (Mechanical, Biological, Chemical), with the incorporation of the revolutionary Hydro-Pure technology that uses Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) to accelerate the startup time from the usual 4-5 weeks to within 1 week, reduce water odour, and retain a crystal clear tank.

It is the first canister filter in the world to incorporate the Hydro-Pure Technology into it's design.

What is Hydro-Pure Technology?

Hydro-Pure Technology is a patented water detoxifying and depurating technology for applications in both Marine and Freshwater aquariums. It consists of two electro-plates to energize a cartridge box containing special Cata-Pure Catalyst Media to generate strong reactive Hydroxyl (OH) radicals, which is the key to the detoxifying and depurating reactions process.

Product Features

  • One Pull Priming - A quick pull of the Primer draws water into the canister making it ready to use
  • Valve for Easy Maintenance - Valve controls at the inlet and outlet pipes eliminate the hassle of dealing with water spills during maintenance
  • Surface Skimmer - Removes unsightly surface oil film to improve oxygen exchange and increase light penetration at water surface

Brought to you exclusively by the award winning Maidenhead Aquatics, leading the way in responsible fishkeeping procedures and innovation 



  • For Aquarium size up to 80-300L
  • Product Size - 240 x 240 x 363mm
  • Pump Flow Rate - 1000 L/H
  • Circulation Flow Rate - 600 L/H
  • Filter Media Baskets  Volume - 4.7L
  • Filter Media Baskets - 3Pcs
  • Power Consumption - 13W
  • Inlet & Outlet Hose - Diameter 16/22mm
  • Cable Length - 2.0m
  • Max Height - 1.4m
  • Cata-pure Cartridge(s) - 2pcs












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