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Pontec PondoRell 3000 Underwater Filter Set


An all-in-one filtration solution. Ideal for up to 3000 litres without fish stock or 1500 litres with fish stock.

The Pondorell 300 is the perfect solution for a smaller nature pond to help keep the water from going stagnant.

Product highlights at a glance:

  • Ideal for up to 3000 litres without fish stock / 1500 litres with fish stock
  • Integrated fountain pump with 1000 l/h at just 20 watt
  • Integrated UVC clarifier with 7 watt

This compact underwater filter set combines 3 functions:

  1. Integrated UVC clarifier frees the water from algae
  2. Bio-mechanical cleaning stages ensure clear and healthy water
  3. The integrated water feature brings life into your garden pond

Further information can be found on the product tech specs.

Please note that as an outdoor electrical item, this product is not supplied with a plug.

ModelFlow RateMax LiftWattageCable
PondoRell 300030001.9m20w10m

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