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TMC Reefscape Model - Humbug Damsel x 3

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Humbug Damsel (Dascyllus melanurus): just one of the 16 superb collector models depicting popular marine species...

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    Humbug Damsel (Dascyllus melanurus): just one of the 16 superb collector models depicting popular marine species

    Tropical Marine Centre first presented its “Reef Scape” at a trade exhibition in Europe, as a unique and colourful way to showcase their new products. It was also a stunning exhibit in its own right, used to entertain and surprise every visitor to the stand. Part designed by nature and part made by Bright Bricks®, the UK’s only LEGO® Certified Professional, it clearly highlighted both nature’s beauty and complexity, as well as the model makers skill and ingenuity.

    The ReefScape Model Series by TMC has been developed from the original 2014 trade show exhibit, and there are now 16 individual models to collect, each one representing just some of the amazing species found in our seas and oceans. And with only 500 sets of each model available worldwide, make sure you get hold of one or more these truly unique and highly collectible items before you miss out!

    • Each model includes amazingly true-to-life details
    • Every model is a limited edition- making these kits genuine collectors items
    • Please note these are not toys and are suitable for ages 14+

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