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  • Wyevale Garden Centre
  • Forest Road
  • Binfield
  • Bracknell
  • Berkshire
  • RG42 4HA
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  • Tropical
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  • Koi
  • Discus
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Situated to the north-west of Bracknell just off the A329(M) in Binfield you will find our Bracknell store.

As can be seen by the fantastic reef display aquarium with thriving hard corals that is visible when you first enter the shop, this is a store where aquarium husbandry is a practised art.
An excellent range of tropical species are available with a particularly good range of "L-number" plecs and unusual community species to tempt the aquarium aficionado. High-grade Discus are a speciality of this store together with occasional rarities such as captive-bred Zebra plecs and Synodontis granulosus. A selection of Rift-lake and other Cichlids are stocked. If you would like to check our current livestock availability, you can do so by visiting and click on Maidenhead Aquatics @ Bracknell.
A modestly-sized system houses fancy goldfish in roomy aquaria with varieties to suit all tastes from pond-hardy single-tailed comets to the more delicate, highly-bred forms. The adjacent marine invertebrate system is usually well-stocked, with choice specimens hand-picked to ensure quality and a representative range of captive propagated specimens of both hard and soft corals are often to be seen. An adjoining system offers marine fish, with an emphasis on small reef-compatible species. Regular trips to the wholesaler mean that elusive or hard-to-obtain specimens can be sourced to order for customers seeking that special something to add to their home aquarium.
To the rear of the store, a covered area houses the Koi and pondfish systems with healthy fish sourced from selected breeders available throughout the pond season. This area also contains many watergardening essentials and sundries and leads to a courtyard where inspiration can be gleaned from the working displays of preformed waterfalls and a raised circular pond. A wide choice of pre-formed pools and watercourses, together with pond liners in various grades, is stocked year-round. Pond plants are a speciality of this store and a dedicated area at the front of the shop is particularly luxuriant in the summer.
A comprehensive range of dry goods is available for all aspects of the hobby alongside a selection of aquariums and cabinets and bespoke set-ups can be supplied to order. Whatever your interest or experience, you will find something to impress you at our Bracknell branch.

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