The average life expectancy for a Goldfish is a up to 25 years. However, the oldest Goldfish in Britain, Fred aged 44, defied the odds and lived through 4 decades. He has now unfortunately passed away.

Fred was a beloved pet to owners Keith and Mary and became a member of the family in 1974 when he was won at a Fun Fair. Fred was gifted to Mary by Keith as a romantic gesture towards the beginning of their relationship and has accompanied them through two house moves, two family dogs and the birth of their now adult daughter Emma.

Fred has been alone for the past two years since the passing of his old tank mate George, both have now been buried together now in their owners back garden. Throughout his lifetime Fred lost his orange colour until becoming almost completely silver in his later years.

Mary and Keith have said that they are saddened by the passing of Fred, however they believe that the secret to George and Fred living for so long is due to their regular exercise, a diet of Goldfish Flakes and regular water changes. The pair had been through 7 aquariums in their 4-decade life span.

Photo Credit: Metro Online