Designed and endorsed by world-renowned aquascaper Oliver Knott, the Flexi Mini Scape Set is a unique rimless 15 litre glass aquarium that's ideal for creating beautiful planted aquascapes with ease or for keeping nano species such as shrimp. 

Now available exclusively from Maidenhead Aquatics, the set includes a revolutionary full-spectrum "Flexi Mini HCRI" LED Light which is made of high-quality aerospace aluminium alloys in an integrated and concentric design.


Winner of the iF Product Design Award 2015 in Germany, the excellent efficiency of its innovative design means that it won't cost the earth to run, saving you up to 80% on power consumption compared with traditional lights whilst still being up to three times brighter. What's more, with a colour temperature of 7000k and high PAR output, even demanding aquatic plants will grow with ease. Discover the Flexi Mini Scape Set at your nearest store today, and you'll soon be on your way to a lush aquascaped aquarium, exclusively from Maidenhead Aquatics.