We would like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Easter

Whilst all of our stores will be open over the Easter weekend, almost all will be closed on Easter Sunday due to the current trading legislation (rest assured that we will still be visiting every store to ensure that all the fish are fed, water changed and to check that they are well & happy). Our smaller stores (those under 280 square metres; or approx. 3000 square feet) that are not effected by these regulations will be open as normal (e.g. Ashtead).

The vast majority of our stores will open for their 'normal' trading hours but we would always recommend to call the specific store to check first before you travel. Some garden centres in which we are located within do alter their opening hours during bank holidays, which will obviously effects our trading hours too.

We hope that helps and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Wishes

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