Meet Shelby Myers who is a member of our Marketing Team and our Project Coordinator for this year's programme.

We asked her to talk to us about her involvment in the Fishkeeper Fry programme and what she is most looking forward to. Here's what she said.

1. How long have you been working with Maidenhead Aquatics and what is it like to work in the marketing team?

I have been working for Maidenhead Aquatics for 17 months now. Working in the marketing team is great fun - we are always working on exciting projects for the stores and the company.

2. When did you first get involved in the Fishkeeper Fry programme?

I first got involved with the Fishkeeper Fry programme back in August. The preparations for this year’s programme started a little earlier this year compared to previous years as we had learnt from previous years. However, since joining the marketing team in June, I always knew it was something that I would get to work on.

3. What role are you play in Fishkeeper Fry 2019?

I am the Project Coordinator of Fishkeeper Fry 2019. This involves a whole range of tasks which range from the planning and scheduling of the programme for this year, planning tasks and teachers resources through to working with the film team to prepare the videos that make up the programme and the daily running of the programme.

4. What parts of this role have you enjoyed most so far and what are you looking forward to as the programme progresses?

I particularly enjoyed designing and working on the assets and resources that support the programme. I am really looking forward to seeing how the children engage with the tanks and their tasks as they grow into fishkeepers as the programmes progress.

5. What do you think are the best bits of this year’s Fishkeeper Fry programme for our next generation of fishkeepers?

I believe the best bit is adding in the new fish every week. Each fish will add something to the aquarium and engage the children and I am excited to see that play out. This year we have added some additional learning resources to enhance the learning for the children and help bring the whole aquarium to life and fuel the imaginations of the children participating.

6. What advice would you give to teachers about to embark on this year’s programme?

My advice to teachers would be to have fun with it. Many of them will be learning this as a new skill and hobby too - so enjoy it. This year we were lucky enough to have a teacher consult with us on some of the resources so I would also say trust the programme. We have learnt from past experience and been given first-hand advice from a teacher so the resources should support the wider primary curriculum. We think we have created lots of added value learning opportunities but if you have any of your own ideas that you think other teachers would benefit from in future programmes, please do share them and the work your class children do so that we can continue to improve the programme each year.

7. How can teachers get the most out of this years’ programme?

I believe teachers will be able to get a new hobby out of the programme too. The programme is aimed at children however the basic skills of fishkeeping are at the core of the programme and to me, that is something that everyone in the classroom will be able to enjoy.

8. What are your hopes for what the programme can achieve?

My hopes would be that I am able to inspire one child to fall in love with fishkeeping. Fishkeeping can be such a rewarding hobby and if I can encourage one child, it would make this year’s programme as a success.