Meet Shelby Myers who is a member of our Marketing Team and our Project Coordinator for this year's programme.

We asked her to talk to us about her involvement in the Fishkeeper Fry programme and what she is most looking forward to. Here's what she said.

When did you first get involved in the Fishkeeper Fry programme?

I have been involved with Fishkeeper Fry for over two years now. Our 2020 programme is the second year I have run it and I am extremely excited about this year.

What role are you play in Fishkeeper Fry 2020?

I am the Project Coordinator of Fishkeeper Fry 2020. This involves a whole range of tasks which include the planning and scheduling of the programme each year, creating tasks and teachers’ resources, working with the film team to prepare the videos that make up the programme and the daily running of the programme. I start planning and thinking about each programme in July, with ideas bouncing around and a lot of the work starting in September.

One of the things I love best about my role as Project Coordinator is that I am involved in every aspect of the programme and because I am at the centre of everything that is going on I am in a great position to make sure that everyone involved can get the best out of Fishkeeper Fry each year.

What parts of this role have you enjoyed most so far and what are you looking forward to as the programme progresses?

I enjoy every aspect of running the programme as there are so many different things going on and which need looking after in order that things run smoothly. As this is my second year I the driving seat, I had a good idea of what to expect and am enjoying adding new elements to this year’s programme based on feedback from last year’s programme. I am excited to see what this year’s classes make of the new films, tasks and worksheets.

What do you think are the best bits of this year’s Fishkeeper Fry programme for our next generation of fishkeepers?

I believe the best bit is adding in the new fish every week. Each fish will add something to the aquarium and engage the children and I am excited to see that play out.

Last year, with the help of a consulting teacher we were able to enhance the activities and work that runs alongside the programme.  This year I believe we have taken that up another gear. The worksheets and activities add incorporate core elements of the National Curriculum to the programme and ensure that the children are getting the most out of it. The work and stories the children create are always something special to look at. 

What advice would you give to teachers about to embark on this year’s programme?

My advice to teachers would be to have fun with it. Many of them will be learning this as a new skill and hobby too - so enjoy it and trust the programme. Over the years we have learnt what works and what doesn’t, as well as how we can ensure we get the best of out of the programme for the students.  I think we have created lots of added value learning opportunities but if you have any of your own ideas that you think other teachers would benefit from in future programmes, please do share them and the work your class children do so that we can continue to improve the programme each year.

How can teachers get the most out of this years’ programme?

If they throw themselves into it as much as the children do, then they can gain everything from the programme. For some, they will be complete novices and because of that absorb every bit of information and have fun with it all

What are your hopes for what the programme can achieve?

Last year when I took on this programme, I was asked this question.  I said I wanted to inspire one child and make them fall in love with fishkeeping. Having seen the results of last year’s programme, how the programme has grown over 4 years and how excited all those involved become during the programme, I can say that the answer is still the same. I would love in 20/30 years’ time to hear the story of how a young family are purchasing their first fish tank for their child as they were inspired and fall in love with fish keeping at a young age because of Fry. To me, that is a legacy that this programme can create and encourage children everywhere.