The industry leading, German engineered Fluval Aquatics have launched a new series of LED lightings to enhance your aquarium’s aquascape. From underwater spotlights to wifi controlled timer, check out the new pieces of kit set to transform your aquarium:

Fluval Eco Bright LEDs


Available in a variety of wattage, the new Fluval Eco Brights are designed to bring a natural shimmering effect to any freshwater aquarium. The complete LED system has a convenient remote control that allows you to replicate both natural daylight and moonlight to enhance the rich colours of fish and plants.

The Fluval Eco Bright LED lights are designed with a retro fitting system for easy installation into existing T5/T8 bulb fittings, giving you the option to upgrade your current Fluorescent lights to LED.


Fluval Fresh & Saltwater Nano LED

cob-nano-led-packaging-1466078137.jpgDesigned for nano and desktop aquariums, the Fluval Nano Fresh & Saltwater LED Lamp enhances fish, coral and plant colours in fish-only marine tanks, or plant and coral species that require lower light levels in a nano tank environment. The new LED system includes the C.O.B (Chip-On-Board) technology, giving higher energy efficiency, better spectral performance and greater light output.


Fluval Prism Underwater Spotlight

fluval-a3975-prismmulticoloraccentledlamp-3w-1a-northamerica-1466078172.jpgThe Fluval Prism Underwater Spotlight adds excitement to your tank, illuminating your aquatic habitat and capturing corners of light within your aquarium. The remote-controlled, high-output spotlight LED allows you to create up to 80 fun-inspired, multi-colour lighting options, including special effects and weather effects to match your desired mood or decor.


Fluval Digital Dual Lamp Timer

dual-lamp-timer-box-1466078148.pngAutomate aquarium lighting system with the Fluval Digital LED Lamp Timer. The timer lets you control sunrise, mid-day and dusk settings for up to two LED strip lights, simulating natural sun and moon cycles for a truly realistic environment.


Fluval Aquasky® LEDs


Customise your aquatic world with Fluval’s new Aquasky® LED range. Available in 12w, 16w 25w and 30w, these light systems partner super bright white LEDs with tri-colored LEDs (red, blue, and green), meaning you can adapt your lighting to suit mood or tank décor.

The powerful combination offers an adjustable light spectrum, which can replicate several natural environments and create stunning visual effects such as cloud cover, fading lunar, storm and lightning.


More information and full features of the new Fluval LED products can be found over on their brand page.