So, here we are again – the robins are briefed and ready, the mistletoe is looking nervous and the stores are bracing themselves to explain to last minute gift shoppers that fish can’t be gifted in a brand new aquarium purchased the previous day.


  • Leaves continue to look for ponds to rot in – keep measures in place to control these little seasonal packages of algae food.
  • As frosty weather becomes more frequent it’s time to take steps to prevent chilling. The circulation of deep water that is so vital during the summer is dangerous during the winter as it allows the pond water temperature to fall lower than it would if left undisturbed. Lift the pump into the shallows or turn it off and use it as a good opportunity to clean and service the filtration.
  • Remove and drain ultra-violet clarifiers. Expanding ice and glass components don’t mix well, whether you leave the unit in situ or store it somewhere out of the cold, make sure it’s dry going into the winter.
  • Consider adding a pond heater to keep an area of your pond free of ice. Rather than heating the entire pond, this just provides an area of open water to let your pond breathe. Other devices are available and some of these use a vent system to accomplish the same effect.
  • Fish can be fed whenever they show any interest in food but only with the right rations. Make sure you’re using a winter diet.
  • Provide drinking and bathing water for local wildlife that depends on your pond as a source.


  • If you’re reading this I may be wasting my breath but without massive amounts of forward planning, a brand new aquarium cannot be stocked with fish as a Christmas gift. A new aquarium can make a great gift but make sure expectations are properly managed and the recipient knows that it will take time to do things properly.
  • Talking of planning ahead now is a good time to get things in order for the rush that the month ahead brings. Sod’s law dictates that important life support equipment such as heating and filtration is more likely to fail on one of the few days that store are closed, so check that impellers are clean and heaters fully operational. Extra water changes and a check on essential provisions such as food and water conditioners would be prudent.
  • Buying livestock as a gift can present problems, even for experienced fish keepers with multiple tanks. By far the best solution is to say it with gift vouchers that can be spent in any of our branches and turned into whatever exciting or mundane purchases the recipient could wish for.
  • Just in time for the festive season, your chance is here to make everyday feel like Christmas for your pets by giving them posh new accommodation, thanks to our tank sale. Share the festive feasting with your fishes by trying something new. Whether putting some frozen foods on standby or offering them one of the new range of complete diets made from sustainably-farmed bugs, there’s something to suit all tastes.