TMC Auto Top-Up IR

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TMC Auto Top-Up IR
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Exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics this auto top-up system designed by TMC incorporates an advanced monitoring system. Its dual infrared optical sensors accurately measure your aquariums water level and will then fill as needed. The Advanced Smart Monitoring System monitors all water levels and prevents pump running dry

Ideal for topping up evaporated water in advanced marine and freshwater aquariums. TMCs infrared optical sensor accurately monitors the aquarium or sump water level, once it drops below the target it triggers the small eco-friendly pump to top up the aquarium or sump from a reservoir (not included). The secondary infrared optical sensor provides reliable safety back-up

  • High quality infrared optical sensor
  • Replenishes evaporated water as required
  • Simple installation using magentic mount
  • Designed for use in all aquaria
  • Available with 1 or 2 sensors