New to Fishkeeping?

Take a look through some our spotlighted products below which are perfect for first time fishkeepers.

First Aquariums

First aquariums are simple to set up and are suitable for a variety of community fish. Please speak to your local store about the types of fish you'd like to keep to make sure that your chosen aquarium is suitable for them. To make these aquariums suitable for tropical fish, just add a heater.

Feeding Time

AquaCare foods are exclusive to Maidenhead Aquatics and will give your fish great nutrition. There's a range of different foods available, the type you need will depend of the type of fish you keep.

Maintaining Your Water

It's important to understand the water quality in any aquarium, and these API Test Kits are a great way to indicate if there are any problems. Water Conditioner and Bio Boost are perfect for routine maintenance, making sure your aquarium stays healthy.

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