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Our passion and dedication for aquatic life drives our desire for research and innovation, helping us to provide the highest quality products for fishkeepers of all experience levels, fostering life-long success and enjoyment of the fascinating aquatic hobby.

Keep your fish in the best of health and condition with the premium formula fish food range from AquaCare.
Sustainably Harvested


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Quality Ingredients

AquaCare fish foods include natural innovative ingredients, resulting in a range that is crammed with goodness for all Tropical and Coldwater fish, plus a whole host of specialist foods including those specifically created for Cichlids, ‘L-numbers’ & catfish. The ingredients used throughout the range have been chosen to make the foods extremely palatable, to supply optimum health and to give fish bright, vibrant colors.

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Quality Control

AquaCare products are manufactured in our factories using cutting-edge technologies, and subjected to strict quality standards throughout the process. The result speaks for itself: Aquacare is a crowd favourite.

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Water Treatments
Discover our range of water treatments designed to keep your fish in optimal health and maintain a pristine aquatic environment.
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In 2009, our team at Maidenhead Aquatics noticed an issue in the aquarium food market. All options on the market were either prohibitively expensive or did not meet our quality standards. Our passion and understanding of ornamental fish led us to take matters into our own hands and drive the development of premium, high-quality fish nutrition, scientifically formulated to meet the dietary needs of a diverse range of fish species. Aquacare was born. Over the years, we’ve continued to invest time and research into Aquacare, expanding and enhancing our range with other fishkeeping essentials, to offer a variety of products for all your fishkeeping needs. Today, 15 years later, Aquacare has earned its place among industry-leading brands and in the hearts of thousands of fishkeepers in the UK. We couldn’t be more proud of our products, which is why we feed Aquacare to our fish in all Maidenhead Aquatic Stores, and why we will always recommend Aquacare to the discerning fishkeeper.


We are really proud of our exclusive aquarium foods and treatments, which have become a favourite among thousands of fishkeepers across the UK.


The time and research gone into our brand as lead to AquaCare earning its place amongst the industry-leading brands. We are always continuing to enhance the range with other fishkeeping essentials and are pleased to offer a variety of products for all your fishkeeping needs.




AquaCare Food

With the aim of replicating a fish's natural diet in the wild, the AquaCare food range contains all-natural ingredients including mealworms. Our brand has extended out to accommodate all kinds of diets and fish species.




AquaCare Water Treatments

Our water treatments have been designed and tested to ensure your aquarium has the best start and continues in the best health possible.




AquaCare Test Kits

It's highly important to regularly test the water condition of your aquarium, a negative spike in a usually balanced aquarium can be lethal to your fish. The team of fishkeepers behind AquaCare has developed a  range of exclusive test kits aiming to ensure every fishkeeper's aquarium stays balanced and safe.




AquaCare Freshwater Fish Treatments


AquaCare Marine Treatments

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