Plant Food & Fertiliser

Creating a healthy aquarium is not only about fish, but it’s about plants too. Live plants require light and nutrients to grow. Whilst your aquarium light will provide one element, plants will rapidly consume nutrients from the water. These nutrients must be replaced to ensure your plants continue to grow and thrive, here you can see our available nutrient-rich plant food and fertilisers.

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  1. aquarium, plants, fertiliser
    JBL Ferropol 24
    From £5.99
  2. Fluval Plant Gro Plus
    Fluval Plant Gro+
    From £6.99
  3. Pond bacteria. Prodibio
    Prodibio BacterKit Soil
  4. JBL, plant fertiliser, aquarium treatment
    JBL Ferropol
    From £7.49
  5. Front of 120ml bottle of AquaCare Plant Gro
    AquaCare Plant Gro (120ml)
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