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Maidenhead Aquatics stocks a huge range of aquariums and fish tanks from contemporary to traditional, freshwater to marine and from little to large. Many of our aquariums are available in many different colours and with or without cabinets to suit your needs. Browse the full range online now and find the perfect home for your new pets, while also complimenting the interior design of your home with some living art.

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  1. Superfish Qubiq Pro 30 LED Aquarium
    Superfish Qubiq Pro 30 LED Aquarium
    From £79.99
  2. Home 25 Aquarium
    Superfish Home 30 Aquarium
    From £94.99
  3. Home 80 Aquarium
    Superfish Home 85 Aquarium
    From £189.99
  4. BiOrb Life 30 MCR Aquarium
    BiOrb Life 30 MCR Aquarium
    From £229.99
  5. fluval flex 57 aquarium stand black with shelf
    Fluval Flex 57 Litre Aquarium Stand
    From £86.99
  6. Fluval Flex Aquarium 34L
    Fluval Flex 34 Litre Aquarium
    From £108.99
  7. 100cm aqua oak aquarium with stand and hood
    Aqua Oak 100cm Doors Aquarium & Cabinet
    Out of Stock Online