Koi Food

Koi are hungry fish, and to bring out the best colours and make them grow as quickly as they would naturally, they need a high protein, colour-enhancing food for the summer months.

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    Pond Sticks (4kg)
    Pond Sticks (4kg)
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  2. Hikari Hi-Growth (2kg)
    Hikari Hi-Growth (2kg)
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  3. Saki-Hikari Growth Sinking (20kg)
    Saki-Hikari Growth Sinking (20kg)
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  4. Saki-Hikari Deep Red (5kg)
    Saki-Hikari Deep Red (5kg)
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  5. Saki-Hikari Pure White (5kg)
    Saki-Hikari Pure White (5kg)
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  6. Saki-Hikari Balance Sinking (20kg)
    Saki-Hikari Balance Sinking (20kg)
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  7. Hikari Staple
    Hikari Staple
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  8. Hikari Gold
    Hikari Gold
    From £13.99