Gravity Filters

Pond filters and UVs are essential to keep your water safe for your fish, and crystal clear so you can make the most out of your water garden. Pond filtration is available in a variety of options including box filters, pressure filters and gravity fed filters. These gravity fed filters are designed so water enters at the top of the unit and then flows down through multiple layers of different types of filtration. Using the power of gravity to move the water through the system means power consumption for these units is very low. 

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  1. Evolution Aqua Cactus Sieve
    Evolution Aqua - Cetus Sieve
  2. nexus320 filer
    Evolution Aqua - Nexus 320
  3. Superfish Pond Clear Kit
    Superfish Pond Clear Kit
    From £187.99
  4. Pontec MultiClear Pond Filter Set
    Pontec MultiClear Pond Filter Set
    From £134.99
  5. nexus 220 filter
    Evolution Aqua - Nexus 220
  6. Ecopower filter, hozelock, filter, pond filter
    Hozelock Ecopower Filter
    From £129.99
  7. Oase FiltoMatic CWS Pond Filter
    Oase FiltoMatic CWS Pond Filter
    From £494.99