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From butyl liners to filter pumps, pond nets to algae control, you'll find everything you require to set up and maintain any type of pond or water feature. This is just a selection of the vast array of water gardening products that can be found throughout our stores. Please note that not all of our stores will have a particular item in stock, so we would always recommend calling them to check current availability. And if for any reason you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then we’ll do our very best to order it in for you. Additionally, many of these products are also available to purchase via our online store.
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  1. Evolution Aqua Cactus Sieve
    Evolution Aqua - Cetus Sieve
  2. nexus320 filer
    Evolution Aqua - Nexus 320
  3. Aquagarden 850 Pond Pump
    Aquagarden 850 Pond Pump
  4. aquamax eco premium pond pump with hosetails and fittings
    Oase AquaMax Eco Premium Pond Pump
    From £244.99
  5. aquamax pond pump with hosetail
    Oase AquaMax Eco Classic Pond Pump
    From £119.99
  6. filtoclear sets including pump and filter for clear water
    Oase Filtoclear Set
    From £509.99
  7. Kusuri Fluke M x2
    Kusuri Fluke M x2
  8. Superfish black pond thermometer
    Superfish Pond Thermometer
  9. Polyresin Oase fish pond feature
    Oase Water Spouts - Fish
  10. replacement bulb, laguna, pond filter, bulb
    Laguna Replacement UVC Bulb for Pressure Flo
    From £12.49 £17.99
  11. Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    From £9.99
  12.  bag of tetra pond holiday food.
    Tetra Pond Holiday
    Out of Stock Online
  13. Blagdon Mayfly Preformed Plastic Pond
    Blagdon Mayfly Preformed Plastic Pond
    From £74.99