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  1. Once around the block
    Once around the block

    Occasional use of an Activa Block is a fantastic way to give your aquarium water a polish and remove any chemical residues without having to faff about placing it within your filter. It can be added or removed in seconds, making it easy to use in rotation with any additives that you don’t want taken out of your aquarium water, and it’s a great back up for those rare but stressful occasions where unusual measures are needed.

  2. Stocking your first aquarium
    Stocking your first aquarium

    Aquarium keeping has been a household hobby for generations. It may be hard to imagine it existed before the internet, but the Victorians kept aquaria and hundreds of years before them the Chinese had elevated goldfish care to an art.

  3. Selecting the right heater for your aquarium
    Selecting the right heater for your aquarium

    It’s that time of year when the heating goes back on, and this is something that many of us have in common with our pets. To ensure they remain healthy, it’s important to know that your aquarium heater is working properly and is set to the right temperature for the fishes you keep.

  4. Tiny Fish for Tiny Tanks
    Tiny Fish for Tiny Tanks

    In a typical Maidenhead Aquatics store, you’ll find a huge variety of fishes. With such a kaleidoscope of colour and choice it’s easy to overlook some of the most incredible miniature wonders. This article looks at some of the fishy options worth considering that would work well for some of those smaller more compact tanks on the market.

  5. Those little golden nuggets of nerdy goodness...
    Those little golden nuggets of nerdy goodness...

    Fish are incredibly diverse and sophisticated animals. We’ve domesticated a few of them and still underestimate them - even when some of them have found a way to live in areas where’s there’s no water for months of the year...

  6. Filtration for new Aquariums
    Filtration for new Aquariums

    For many fish keepers young and old, Christmas can often bring the gift of a new aquarium but new aquaria are hazardous places for fish to be with traditional bacteria-powered removal of fish toxins takes a while to get established and in the meantime your pets can be poisoned by their own waste products. Check out our top tips to help speed up the process. 

  7. Time for a new project?
    Time for a new project?

    It’s been the same ever since I first walked into a fish shop, there’s so many choices that even when I had fifty tanks on the go I didn’t have enough room. With the prospect of another few weeks at home, now is a great time to look at some wish list fish.

  8. How do I test my aquarium water?
    How do I test my aquarium water?

    The health of any aquatic animal is limited by the quality of the water in which it lives but how do you go about finding out more about this complex (but rather watery) soup that is home to your pets? Paul Tapley explains all. 

  9. Diseases In Fish: White Spot (Marine)
    Diseases In Fish: White Spot (Marine)

    Treatment of White Spot (Cryptocaryon irritans) in marine fishes is often complicated by the presence of invertebrates, it’s fairly logical that medications are harmful to them as parasites are inverts after all. It then becomes a question of dose rates, with some chemicals such as copper being particularly deadly. Paul Tapley explains everything you need to know. 

  10. Understanding Aquarium Plant Basics
    Understanding Aquarium Plant Basics

    Aquarium plants have much in common with the garden or house plants that you may be more familiar with. There’s a historical myth that they’ll thrive on the waste products of the fish and whilst there’s some truth in this, the reality is a bit more complex. Find out more.

  11. One L of a Bargain
    One L of a Bargain

    It’s that time of year again, as the days start to shorten and the water lily leaves begin to fade, the new season of tropical imports begins. As expected, freight charges and other costs have increased, which means that the many catfishes which have been quietly growing-on in our stores during lockdown are at prices that are unlikely to be seen again. Read on...

  12. Create Your World - Fluval Flex
    Create Your World - Fluval Flex

    Fishkeeping is a fantastic hobby that can often last a lifetime. When starting with Fishkeeping sometimes less is more, and this is why the Fluval Flex is a great starter aquarium, making it ideal as the centrepiece of our Fishkeeper Fry programme. Not only does it allow you to learn the tricks of the trade, but it can allow

  13. Hydra - mythical beast or something more useful?
    Hydra - mythical beast or something more useful?

    Getting to the bottom of why artificial testing hides the truth about this misunderstood piece of kit. Paul Tapley puts Hydra filters to the test. 

  14. What the fish? - January 2020
    What the fish? - January 2020

    This month Tappers takes a sideways glance at the use and abuse of tiny tanks. The aquaria might have got smaller but the fishes haven’t...

  15. The Art of Aquascaping
    The Art of Aquascaping

    Aquascaping is the art of underwater gardening: arranging aquatic plants and décor in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium.

  16. Clownfish Stripes
    Clownfish Stripes

    ​A new study on reef-dwelling clownfishes has revealed that their vibrant colours and patterns may have evolved to warn potential predators of their venomous anemone hosts.

  17. Black Storms Have Arrived!
    Black Storms Have Arrived!

    Clownfish are, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most popular marine species available here at Maidenhead Aquatics, with many different variations to match their engaging personalities, it’s no wonder that they’re a firm favourite.

  18. Phytoplankton – Your Essential Aquatic Assistants
    Phytoplankton – Your Essential Aquatic Assistants

    When setting up a beautiful marine aquarium, it’s easy to be mesmerised by the most colourful, the most beautiful or the most prestigious species.

  19. NEW Product - Aqua Range 'Aqua-Substrate' Coral Sands
    NEW Product - Aqua Range 'Aqua-Substrate' Coral Sands

    The new coral sands by Aqua Range have launched! Adding to the popular 'Aqua-Substrate' range, th...

  20. AquaCare – The brand that just keeps getting bigger
    AquaCare – The brand that just keeps getting bigger

    AquaCare – The brand that just keeps getting biggerOur exclusive AquaCare brand is increasing in ...

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