Algae Treatments

Green water/algae is often caused by over feeding and fish waste, it is unsightly and can be dangerous as it may alter the pH and oxygen levels. It can also harm your plants by outcompeting the plants for nutrients. Here you can see our range of algae treatments, some work by actively killing the algae and others work by stripping out nutrients. Decreasing your waters phosphate and nitrate levels will also help with unwanted algae growth. 

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  1. Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    Tetra Pond AlgoFin
    From £10.49
  2. Blagdon Clean Pond Pods
    Blagdon Clean Pond Pods
    From £9.99
  3. AquaPond Care Blanketweed Treatment
    AquaPond Care Pro Blanketweed
    From £9.99
  4. Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    Tetra Pond AlgoRem
    From £10.49
  5. green water treatment, pond treatments, pond care
    AquaPond Care Green Water Treatment
    From £10.49
  6. Evolution Aqua STOP Blanketweed
    Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed
    From £21.99
  7. AquaPond Care Blanket Weed Treatment
    AquaPond Care Blanket Weed Treatment
    From £15.99