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Creating a healthy aquarium is not only about fish, but it’s about plants too. Our stores sell a large range of aquatic plants for your aquariums, and here you’ll find a large range of products to support them including food and additives, substrates, CO2 sets and even tools for planting. All of these items making your aquatic gardening easier and helping you to produce lushicious aquarium plants.

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  1. Seachem Flourish Excel
    Seachem Flourish Excel
    From £7.49
  2. Microbe-Lift Plant Fertiliser
    Microbe-Lift Plant Fertiliser
    From £7.99
  3. Front of 120ml bottle of AquaCare Plant Gro
    AquaCare Plant Gro 120ml
  4. Fluval Plant Gro Plus
    Fluval Plant Gro Plus
    From £6.49
  5. Microbe-Lift Bio-Carbon
    Microbe-Lift Bio-Carbon
    From £8.99
  6. JBL, plant fertiliser, aquarium treatment
    JBL Ferropol
    From £7.49
  7. Microbe-Lift Iron Fertiliser
    Microbe-Lift Iron Fertiliser
    From £8.99
  8. Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum
    Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum
    From £10.49
  9. aquarium, plants, fertiliser
    JBL Ferropol 24
    From £5.99
  10. JBL AquaBasis Plus Aquarium Substrate
    JBL AquaBasis Plus
    From £12.49
  11. Growth soil. Prodibio. 9KG.
    Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil
    Out of Stock Online
  12. AquaShrimp powder. 3KG
    Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder Soil
    Out of Stock Online
  13. Prodibio Alg'Out
    Prodibio Alg'Out
    From £6.49
  14. chemical, biovert ultimate
    Prodibio BioVert Ultimate
    From £8.49
  15. Pond bacteria. Prodibio
    Prodibio BacterKit Soil
  16. Prodibio BioVert Plus
    Prodibio BioVert Plus
    From £6.49
  17. carbon liquid, aquarium treatment
    Prodibio Carbon- Liq
    From £4.49
  18. Prodibio Aqua Terra Basis
    Prodibio Aqua Terra Basis
    From £7.49
  19. Prodibio Aqua Terra Plus
    Prodibio Aqua Terra Plus
    From £10.49