Tropical Fish Food

Maidenhead Aquatics sell a large range of fish foods for your aquariums including floating and sinking varieties of pellets, sticks, flakes and granules. The tropical fish food category contains everything for your standard community fish, catfish and cichlids and more!

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  1. AquaCare Carnivore Soft Sticks
    AquaCare Carnivore Soft Sticks
    From £8.99
  2. Tetra Crusta Menu (52g)
    Tetra Crusta Menu (52g)
  3. TetraMin Baby (30g)
    TetraMin Baby (30g)
  4. TetraPro Menu (64g)
    TetraPro Menu (64g)
    Out of Stock Online
  5. Tetra Plecomin Tablets
    Tetra Plecomin Tablets
    Out of Stock Online
  6. Vitalis Plec Pellets
    Vitalis Plec Pellets
    From £10.49
  7. vitalis world feeds shrimp pellet 60g
    Vitalis Freshwater Shrimp Pellets
    From £6.99
  8. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    From £6.49
  9. TetraPro Colour Enhancing Tropical Food
    TetraPro Colour Enhancing Tropical Food
    From £4.99
  10. pleco food in the pouch with spirulina wafer high quality yellow
    Tetra Wafer Mix (68g)
    Out of Stock Online
  11. Special offer
    Tetra pro flakes
    TetraPro Tropical Crisps (32g)
    £3.84 £5.49
    Out of Stock Online
  12. TetraMin Plus
    TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes
    From £4.99
  13. Vitalis Rift Lake Red Cichlid Pellets
    Vitalis Rift Lake Red Cichlid Pellets
    From £7.49 £7.49
  14. Tetra Discus Granules (300g)
    Tetra Discus Granules (300g)
  15. Tetra Prima Mini Granules (45g)
    Tetra Prima Mini Granules (45g)
    Out of Stock Online
  16. Vitalis Tropical Flakes
    Vitalis Tropical Flakes
    From £6.49
  17. Vitalis Tropical X Small Pellets
    Vitalis Tropical Pellets XS
    From £5.49
  18. AquaCare Vegetable Flakes
    AquaCare Vegetable Flakes
    From £4.49
  19. sinking granules, bug bites, colour enhancing formula
    Fluval Bug Bites Colour Enhancer
    From £7.99
  20. Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid
    Fluval Bug Bites Cichlid
    From £6.49
  21. Tetra Colour Tropical Granules (75g)
    Tetra Colour Tropical Granules (75g)
    Out of Stock Online
  22. betta food, flake food
    Tetra Betta Food
    Out of Stock Online
  23. Tetra Prima Granules
    Tetra Prima Granules
    From £5.49