Vitalis premium fish food which is fed through the UK commercially, and now it’s available to the public for them to feed their aquarium fish at home. Made with the highest quality and most varied ingredients your fish will love Vitalis fish foods. Available for freshwater and marine aquariums with additional products including coral foods.

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  1. Vitalis, Marine Flakes tub
    Vitalis Premium Marine Flakes (100g)
    Out of Stock Online
  2. Vitalis Goldfish Pellets
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets
    From £5.99
  3. tub of Vitalis anemone pellets
    Vitalis Anemone Pellets
    From £12.49
  4. tub of Vitalis SPS coral food.
    Vitalis SPS Coral Food
    From £10.99
  5. Vitalis Algae Flakes
    Vitalis Algae Flakes
    From £7.49
  6. Vitalis Plec Pellets
    Vitalis Plec Pellets
    From £10.49
  7. vitalis world feeds shrimp pellet 60g
    Vitalis Freshwater Shrimp Pellets
    From £6.99
  8. Vitalis Rift Lake Red Cichlid Pellets
    Vitalis Rift Lake Red Cichlid Pellets
    From £7.49 £7.49
  9. Vitalis Goldfish Flakes
    Vitalis Goldfish Flakes
    From £4.99
  10. Special offer
    Vitalis Discus Pellets
    Vitalis Discus Pellets
    From £5.99 £7.99
  11. Special offer
    tub of Vitalis LPS Coral Pellets
    Vitalis LPS Coral Pellets
    From £9.49 £12.49
  12. Vitalis Marine Pellets X Small
    Vitalis Marine Pellets XS
    From £8.99
  13. Vitalis Tropical Flakes
    Vitalis Tropical Flakes
    From £6.49
  14. Vitalis Tropical X Small Pellets
    Vitalis Tropical Pellets XS
    From £5.49
  15. Vitalis Marine Flakes
    Vitalis Marine Flakes
    From £12.99
  16. Vitalis Marine Platinum Flakes
    Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes
    From £8.99
  17. Vitalis Algae S Pellets
    Vitalis Algae Pellets
    From £10.99
  18. Vitalis Mini TropicalGrazer™
    Vitalis TropicalGrazer™
    From £9.99
  19. Vitalis Mini MarineGrazer™
    Vitalis MarineGrazer™
    From £14.49
  20. vitalis world feed algae pellets xs 60g
    Vitalis Algae Pellets XS
    From £8.49
  21. Vitalis Catfish X Small Pellets
    Vitalis Catfish Pellets
    From £6.49