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  1. June Headline News 2022
    June Headline News 2022

    The weather may be a bit changeable as we head into June, but with the luxury of an early bank holiday weekend to look forward to and a range of royal festivities to enjoy for many of us, hopefully warm and sunny weather is just around the corner.  

  2. Right Royal Fish
    Right Royal Fish

    It’s not often that we live through a once in a lifetime event (let’s hope that we don’t have too many more global pandemics heading our way) but this one is far jollier! With our Queen reaching the incredible milestone of a seventy-year reign, it seems timely to offer our congratulations and look at a few other royals which we’re familiar with.

  3. What's Watt - Fishkeeping for Less
    What's Watt - Fishkeeping for Less

    It seems that energy prices are increasing every day and a lot of us are having to find new ways to economize. Thankfully there’s been a quiet revolution in the efficiency of electrical equipment and there’s a multitude of ways that we can help to reduce the running costs of our hobby.

  4. May Headline News 2022
    May Headline News 2022

    With spring well and truly in the air, pond sections are starting to buzz. Display ponds are appearing and this year we’re focusing on wildlife in many of our stores, as well as the fishes which are always the stars of the show. It’s not all about the great outdoors though, and some very exciting captive-bred marine fish are causing a stir, as well as some nicely settled tropical fishes following a busy winter season of imports. 

  5. Pondfish disease, treatment and prevention
    Pondfish disease, treatment and prevention

    Usually a very hardy group, pond fish can be expected to thrive come rain or shine, as long as conditions are stable and water quality remains high.

  6. What's in store - May 2022
    What's in store - May 2022

    At a time when prices for everything are rising fast, it’s nice to see a fish which used to be an expensive rarity becoming more mainstream. These tank-bred Granulosus catfish (Synodontis granulosus) at our Basingstoke store are dramatically cheaper than their ancestors, which at one time had a going rate of £750 each! They share the same striking white fin trims and classy demeanour.

  7. Stocking your first aquarium
    Stocking your first aquarium

    Aquarium keeping has been a household hobby for generations. It may be hard to imagine it existed before the internet, but the Victorians kept aquaria and hundreds of years before them the Chinese had elevated goldfish care to an art.

  8. Responsible pet ownership, what does it mean to fishkeepers?
    Responsible pet ownership, what does it mean to fishkeepers?

    Unlike almost any other type of animal, aquatic pets are totally dependent on the quality of their immediate environment to remain healthy. Although we all have access to clean and safe tap water, even this is harmful to our animals unless properly treated. Find out more about responsible fishkeeping.

  9. April is National Pet Month
    April is National Pet Month

    April is National Pet Month – a whole month dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of responsible pet ownership and sharing the many benefits of our cherished companions across the UK. This year the event is focusing on the five key pet welfare needs: Companionship, Behaviour, Diet, Health and Environment – all key themes that Maidenhead Aquatics embraces everyday with the fish they sell and our customers pets that we support through our products and advice.

  10. Fishkeeper Fry week 7
    Fishkeeper Fry week 7

    The penultimate week of Fishkeeper Fry is over for most schools. Take a look at what schools have been up to during week 7.

  11. LINI - Re-stocking Cultured Clownfish into Reef Restoration Areas
    LINI - Re-stocking Cultured Clownfish into Reef Restoration Areas

    The LINI foundation has been carrying out their important work in Bali. Earlier this year, the foundation started work with a trial of re-stocking the local reef with cultured clownfish from their breeding centre in Les Village, North Bali. The breeding of marine aquarium species started in 2015 as part of an effort to offer new skills to marine aquarium fishers whose who have been working with LINI since 2010.

  12. Fishkeeper Fry Week 6
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 6

    We have now completed week 6 of Fishkeeper Fry 2022. Schools are working hard to look after their aquariums and the fish.

  13. Fishkeeper Fry Week 5
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 5

    We are over halfway through the programme now with week 5 being completed by most schools last week. Schools are continuing to send their excellent work to us and show off their Fishkeepers of the Week.

  14. What's new this March?
    What's new this March?

    Although the signs of Spring are not particularly abundant at the moment, Spring is on the horizon and our teams in-store and online are preparing to embrace the start of a new pond season with lots of new pond plants arriving daily as well as the new season pond ranges from all your favourite brands – the perfect excuse to come in and browse your local store.

  15. Fishkeeper Fry Week 4
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 4

    Fishkeeper Fry week 4 is over for most of our schools. It’s been an exciting week with the addition of more fish.

  16. Fishkeeper Fry Week 3
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 3

    Week 3 of Fishkeeper Fry has now been completed by most schools. We’ve loved seeing the pictures and work being sent to us.

  17. Fishkeeper Fry Week 2
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 2

    Week 2 of Fishkeeper Fry is complete for most schools. Schools have been sending in work and showing us what they’ve been up to.

  18. Fishkeeper Fry Week 1
    Fishkeeper Fry Week 1

    Week 1 of Fishkeeper Fry is complete for most of our schools. But what have they been getting up to? And what is Fishkeeper Fry?

  19. Christmas Wishes For Festive Fishes
    Christmas Wishes For Festive Fishes

    Tis the season for goodwill to all and this includes pets. I’d like to think that we all know the value of the companionship and pleasure that our wet pets give us and so it’s nice to include them in the festivities. So, what do you get for the fish that has everything?

  20. Christmas and New Year Opening Times and Delivery
    Christmas and New Year Opening Times and Delivery

    Check out our last delivery times before Christmas and stores and online operating hours and Customer Service availability over the festive period.

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