Why choose Maidenhead Aquatics?


    From the day we opened the first store in the centre of Maidenhead, we’ve firmly believed that one of the key ingredients to our success is employing fish keepers. Our staff are people who share your enthusiasm and if you’ve visited more than one of our stores, you’ll know that as the UK’s leading chain with outlets nationwide, each branch has its own character and specialities.

    The Maidenhead Aquatics Ethos

    We strive to educate, support and share our passion and expertise for aquatics to help fuel and innovate the future of aquatics both in our stores and online.

    Ethical Fishkeeping

    The needs of the livestock are our up-most priority. By creating our very own ‘Livestock Charter’, we aspire to meet the highest welfare standards in the industry. We will never knowingly sell products that compromise the livestock in anyway.


    Our expert teams, online and offline, deliver product and livestock with in depth knowledge and passion, informed by latest research and current best practice.


    Our established reputation, extensive network of suppliers and strong long-term relationships with well-known aquatic manufactures means that we are able to source new products ahead of the wider market. We are able to offer a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of products to meet a spectrum of customer needs.


    We consistently look to challenge the status quo of the world aquatics to offer new products and approaches to fishkeeping that sustain and nurture livestock and fuel the passion of our customers.


    We never stop learning about our passion and we continually look for ways of sharing and imparting that knowledge with our customers and the wider community to support the welfare of livestock and nurture a love of aquatics.


    We are committed to providing our customers with real value: great products at good prices, supported by exceptional and friendly customer service. we invest time in getting our prices right and monitoring them daily to ensure they remain competitive we will not knowingly be beaten on price for any of our products or accessories (excluding plants and livestock) which is supported by our price promise.

    To see what Maidenhead Aquatics has to offer – come in and talk to The Fishkeeper!

    Our Charter

    At Maidenhead Aquatics our aim is to promote responsible fishkeeping by offering sound advice and only selling healthy livestock. We care for your fish as much as you do and their welfare is our top priority, so we always aim to abide by the following code of practice:

    • We will not knowingly sell unhealthy livestock
    • We will not sell species that are unsuitable for home aquaria or ponds
    • We will not sell genetically modified fish
    • We do not endorse the keeping of goldfish in bowls or aquaria of less than 13.5 litres (3 gallons) in capacity, as these are large fish requiring spacious accommodation as adults
    • We will not sell inappropriate species for nano aquaria
    • We will not sell fish and aquaria to the same customer on the same day
    • We will not sell large numbers of fish for newly-established aquaria
    • We will not sell artificially coloured fish
    • Wherever possible, we will encourage the use of techniques and products that avoid exposing fish to harmful water quality

    These principles have been created with the welfare of fish in mind, so we appreciate your understanding.

    Meet the team

    For more than 30 years, Maidenhead Aquatics has proudly been run by fishkeepers, for fishkeepers. With over 800 staff, based over 150 stores, you're never far away from all the help and experience you might need. It is this fishkeeping ethos that's at the heart of everything we do. Their experience and dedication is what makes our staff stand out, and their expert advice has enriched the hobby nationwide for first-time fishkeepers and experienced aquarists alike. Therefore we are very proud to profile just a selection of some of our fantastic staff members, where you can discover more about them- be it their favourite fish, best fishkeeping experience or their top tips for an amazing aquarium!

    For more information please check the following link.

    Our Timeline

    We at Maidenhead Aquatics first opened our doors as a small shop in Maidenhead town centre in June 1984. David Lawrence, a hobbyist at the time, founded the business after many years of having a keen interest in tropical fish and water gardening.The store gained popularity after a year or so due to high levels of customer service as well as the offering of aquarium and pond maintenance outside the store. Around five years later the store closed and moved about five miles away to Bourne End Garden Centre where we had the space to stock many more lines.The store was around six times the size of our first store.

    Since then the business has expanded to over 140 stores nationwide, run by over 50 owner/business partners, all with an interest in fish-keeping. Partners are encouraged to specialise in their own individual areas ensuring that every Maidenhead Aquatics store is unique and maintained through good practice and quality customer service. We believe that one of the most enjoyable parts of fish-keeping should be visiting a good store, providing you with the inspiration and enthusiasm to develop different aspects of your hobby, from that first goldfish all the way through to a state-of-the-art reef aquarium. Find out more here.

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