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  1. Turtle Mayhem
    Turtle Mayhem

    Once a familiar sight in pet shops everywhere, the tiny hatchling green turtles that found their way into people’s homes over the last few decades have now given rise to a significant feral population of adults that outgrew their owners’ facilities and were released to their fate in the wild. Although banned from importation into the EU thanks to their invasive tendencies in warmer climates, many Red-eared and Yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta spp.) can be found in UK waters up

  2. What's in store - July 2024
    What's in store - July 2024

    Pond plants can go from mundane to spectacular and these Japanese Iris (Iris ensata ‘Cheesecake’) were definitely eye catching. One of the Dinner plate series, this is Cheesecake, although I’m led to believe they taste like normal iris. As with most pond plants, this is a hardy perennial that requires sunshine and wet feet to thrive. Flowering will be enhanced by the use of fertiliser balls or regular repotting to ensure optimal nutrition. These beauties were seen at ou

  3. What's in store - June 2024
    What's in store - June 2024

    Sarasa comets (Carassius auratus) are always eye-catching, with reds that put all but the most highly bred Koi to shame. Whether mixed with contrasting varieties such as Shubunkin or Canary goldfish, or brightening the pond with their crimson and white, it’s hard to find a better pond fish for the average garden pond. You’ll find them in all of our pond sections at the moment.


  4. Fishkeeper Fry School of the Year 2024
    Fishkeeper Fry School of the Year 2024

    We are thrilled to announce that our School of the Year 2024 winner is Collydean Primary School.

  5. Fishkeeper Fry 2024 comes to a close
    Fishkeeper Fry 2024 comes to a close

    Fishkeeper Fry 2024 has now come to a close and it has been exciting to have been able to deliver this year's programme. Our participating schools this year have produced some amazing work with the support and encouragement of their dedicated teachers and we are thrilled to see how the students of the schools have engaged in the tasks and activities throughout, some even coming up with some personal activities, linking it to the programme.

  6. What's in Store - May 2024
    What's in Store - May 2024

    The pond season is well underway now and our stores are filling with gorgeous pond plants and a wealth of hardy goldfish. Meanwhile, the fancy goldfish are providing a pet that the weather can’t spoil with a range of body forms that are unknown in nature. Some of these forms are rather extreme, such as these Dragon-eyed pearlscales (Carassius auratus) seen recently at Ascot. Although peaceful, fishes such as these are best kept alongside other similar b

  7. What's in Store - April 2024
    What's in Store - April 2024

    They might not be as generous as the easter bunny, but rabbitfish are very giving when it comes to algae control. This One-spot fox face (Siganus unimaculatus) at Reefkeeper Rugby makes a great alternative to the more active tangs but will reach a size that necessitates a spacious aquarium. Every time I write about these fishes I wonder why the old common name of Badger fish isn’t more widely used, but then the native name of Spinefoot (thanks to their s

  8. What's in Store - March 2024
    What's in Store - March 2024

    As different mutations are combined, Rams are getting further from their wild ancestors. Originally a seasonally colourful dwarf cichlid that demands warm soft water with low nitrates, their descendants such as this Longfin electric blue ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) are far more forgiving thanks to generations of domestication. This batch was looking good at our Cheddar store.

  9. What's in store - February 2024
    What's in store - February 2024

    L number plecs are an area of the hobby where you could easily spend many years and end up with a lot of aquaria. As their needs become more widely known and increasing numbers of dedicated hobbyists unlock the secrets to breeding them, it’s nice to see the fishes playing their part. This batch of Flash plecs (Panaqolus albivermis) were seen at our Reading store recently. See what else we have in store this month. 

  10. How has the world of fishkeeping changed over the last 40 years?
    How has the world of fishkeeping changed over the last 40 years?

    Since we opened our first store in 1984 a lot of things have changed, even many of the fish. New species have arrived on the scene, as well as established old favourites in a breathtaking range of forms. Here are some key developments.

  11. What's In Store - January 2024
    What's In Store - January 2024

    Having been misidentified for some time, it’s great to see this pair of Lavender firefish (Nemateleotris lavandula) given proper credit at our Reefkeeper Rugby store. For years, this species was seen as helfrichi and may be more familiar to many keepers by that name. As often happens, the real helfrichi is slightly different and very rarely seen outside of its native habitat. Firefishes are all excellent choices for reef aquaria although liable to jump f

  12. Fishkeeping at Christmas
    Fishkeeping at Christmas

    Fishkeeping during the Christmas season requires some additional considerations to ensure the well-being of your fish. Here's everything you need to know. 

  13. What's in Store - December 2023
    What's in Store - December 2023

    One of the largest and most impressive freshwater invertebrates that can be safely added to an aquarium alongside peaceful fishes, the Giant fan shrimp (Atya gabonensis) is a filter feeder that needs very fine particle foods. Shy by nature, they tend to find a secure spot where a strong current brings food and oxygen to them. This group was seen at our Derby store.

  14. What's in store - November 2023
    What's in store - November 2023

    Temperate fishes are a misunderstood bunch, straddling the divide between tropical and coldwater fish. Typically, they hail from regions that have warm summers/wet seasons followed by cooler winters/dry seasons

  15. What's in store - October 2023
    What's in store - October 2023

    Triggerfishes are some of the most responsive and rewarding marine fish pets but are often loveable rogues with borderline psychotic tendencies

  16. Temperate fish - the smart alternative to goldfish
    Temperate fish - the smart alternative to goldfish

    Let’s look at temperate fishes. They’re not cold water but they’re not tropical either – most importantly they thrive at room temperature. The most significant aspect is that they’re a far better choice for modestly sized set ups than goldfish.

  17. What's in store - September 2023
    What's in store - September 2023

    Cichlids are a very diverse group of fishes and if you were so inclined, you could find species for pretty much every type of aquarium whether community, unheated temperate (even summer pond!), or marine. The early days of the hobby were characterised by experiences of keeping territorial species of this group in tanks that were often too small to allow any tankmates to keep a healthy distance from angry parental cichlids and so a reputation was born.

  18. Seasonal Tips - January
    Seasonal Tips - January

    Welcome to a new year! Traditionally a time of resolutions and change, as well as freezing weather. After the usual feasting and merriment, those who make resolutions will be joining gyms, giving up smoking, trying to swear less (or at least only under due provocation!) and perhaps be better fish keepers. Having done most of the above at some point, I can tell you that the last one is probably the easiest of the lot...

  19. Seasonal Tips - February
    Seasonal Tips - February

    February can be a changeable month, with glimpses of spring between reminders that winter’s not intending on going down without a fight…Check out our top tips for fishkeeping indoors and out!

  20. Seasonal Tips - March
    Seasonal Tips - March

    With signs of spring everywhere, it’s time to embrace the start of a new pond season before the warmth of Easter brings the traditional start of the outdoor season.  

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