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  1. Pontec PondoLily
    Pontec PondoLily
    From £3.99
  2. Black pond thermometer.
    Pontec PondoThermo Pond Thermometer
    Out of Stock Online
  3. Blagdon Powersafe Switchbox
    Blagdon Powersafe Switchbox
    From £41.99
  4. 5m hose reel
    Certikin Flexible Light Duty Pond Hose
    From £9.99
  5. a pondtec, pondomatic pond vacuum
    Pontec PondoMatic 3 Pond Vacuum
    Out of Stock Online
  6. Oase Aqua Skim 20 kit black
    Oase Aqua Skim 20
  7. pond cover net in box
    Superfish Pond Cover Net
    From £9.99
  8. oase skimmer swimskim floating with pump
    Oase SwimSkim Pond Skimmer
    From £119.99
  9. pond sealer, pond paint, pond maintenance
    G4 Pond Sealer - Clear
    From £17.99
  10. Pond Sealer, for concrete ponds.
    G4 Pond Sealer Black 1kg
    Out of Stock Online
  11. 2 pack of hose clamps on card
    Superfish Spiral Hose Clamp 2 Pack
    From £2.49
  12. pond vacuum by Oase
    Oase PondoVac 3 Pond Vacuum
    Out of Stock Online
  13. Oase pod pond vacuum
    Oase PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum
    Out of Stock Online
  14. Pontec, pond skimmer.
    Pontec PondoSkim 12V
  15. Superfish, 15W pond heater, in box.
    Superfish 150W Pond Heater
    Out of Stock Online
  16. Oase Plastic decoy heron
    Oase Decoy Heron
  17. Superfish black pond thermometer
    Superfish Pond Thermometer
  18. Oase Nosel Kit Pond
    Oase Filtral T Piece
    Out of Stock Online