Water Treatments & Dechlorinators

Keeping an aquarium is all about keeping water, and then the fish will look after themselves - so it’s essential to make sure everything is ship shape. We have a large range of water treatments to pop up your bacteria or to condition your tap water. Also available are some parameter specific treatments to assist with lowering high levels of ammonia, nitrate etc. Products to help with algae problems, cloudy water and modifying pH levels are also available. 

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  1. API Tap Water Conditioner
    API Tap Water Conditioner
    From £6.49
  2. bottle of API Goldfish Protect.
    API Goldfish Protect
  3. Tetra EasyBalance
    Tetra EasyBalance
    From £5.49
  4. Tetra FilterActive
    Tetra FilterActive
    From £6.49
  5. Microbe-Lift Gel Filter
    Microbe-Lift Gel Filter
    From £10.99
  6. Microbe-Lift XTreme
    Microbe-Lift XTreme
    From £9.99
  7. AquaCare Bio Boost
    AquaCare Bio Boost
    From £6.99
  8. aquacare bio boost, water conditioner and tropical flakes
    AquaCare Value Pack
  9. Pack of bottles and tub of AquaCare Value pack including Bio-Boost, Tap Water Conditioner and Pro-colour granules
    AquaCare Value Pack - Large
  10. aquarium treatment, algae gone, Nt Labs
    NT Labs Aquarium Algae Gone
    From £5.99
  11. NT Labs Aquarium Tap Water Safe Water Treatment Box
    NT Labs Aquarium Tap Water Safe
    From £5.99
  12. Prodibio Alg'Out
    Prodibio Alg'Out
    From £6.49
  13. Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
    Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
    From £2.99
  14. API bottle, of ph down the chemical.
    API pH Down (118ml)
  15. Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II
    Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II
    From £10.99
  16. AquaCare Tap Water Conditioner
    AquaCare Tap Water Conditioner
    From £5.99
  17. Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Remover
    Red Sea NO3:PO4-X Nitrate & Phosphate Remover
    From £20.99
  18. Microbe-Lift NOPO Control (473ml)
    Microbe-Lift NOPO Control (473ml)
    Out of Stock Online
  19. Seachem Clarity
    Seachem Clarity
    From £8.89 £11.49
  20. Special offer
    API Stress Zyme
    API Stress Zyme
    From £8.49 £8.49
  21. NT Labs Aquarium Filter Start water treatment
    NT Labs Aquarium Filter Starter
    From £5.99
  22. Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe
    Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe
    From £5.49
  23. JBL Algol Aquarium Treatment
    JBL Algol
    From £8.99
Tetra NitrateMinus
    Tetra NitrateMinus
    From £4.99