Coral Frag Racks, Plugs & Propagation

Many reef keepers like to try their hand at coral propagation, this involves taking small cuttings or frags from the parent corals and growing them separately, just like a coral gardener. The new cuttings need a base to grow onto, in the wild this would be a rock or similar structure. In captivity most opt for frag plugs which can then be stored on frag racking. We also offer special coral cutters. 

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  1. AquaCare Coral Dip
    AquaCare Coral Dip
  2. TMC Frag Rack
    TMC Frag Rack
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  3. TMC Coral Frag Plugs  - Standard x10
    TMC Coral Frag Plugs - Standard x10
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  4. TMC Coral Cutters - Curved
    TMC Coral Cutters - Curved
  5. TMC Coral Frag Plug Rock
    TMC Coral Frag Plug Rock
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  6. TMC Coral Cutters - Straight
    TMC Coral Cutters - Straight
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