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  1. Ocean Free Cata-Pure Cartridge
    Ocean Free Cata-Pure Cartridge
    From £11.99
  2. Fluval U Series Internal Filter
    Fluval U Series Internal Filter
    From £24.99
  3. Replacement Fluval BioMax Media.
    Fluval BIOMAX Bio Rings 500g
  4. service kit for BiOrb aquariums.
    BiOrb Quarterly Service Kit
  5. biocompact internal filter cluster image
    Oase BioCompact Internal Filter
    From £16.49
  6. Fluval 07 Spray Bar Kit
    Fluval 07 Spray Bar Kit
Aquarium Filtration & Accessories

The heart of every aquarium is the filter. We stock a large range of both internal and external filters and all the replacement media and parts that you could require for your filter. Not only does a filter help to keep the water clean and clear, but it’s also essential for removing harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water and providing vital water movement.