Pond Ornaments & Decoys

Décor and ornaments such as pond side spitters which can be added to your current pond to create a more exciting feature or way of returning water back to your pond. Decoy Herons are also available to discourage wild birds which may harm the fish. 

Set Descending Direction

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  1. Polyresin Oase fish pond feature
    Oase Water Spouts - Fish
  2. Polyresin Oase pond feature turtle
    Oase Water Spouts - Turtle
  3. SuperFish Deco Filter - Frog
    SuperFish Deco Filter - Frog
  4. Oase Plastic decoy heron
    Oase Decoy Heron
  5. Poly-resin sprouting pond feature frog
    Oase Water Spouts - Frog
  6. Polyresin Oase pond feature duck
    Oase Water Spouts - Duck
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  7. SuperFish Deco Filter - Carp
    SuperFish Deco Filter - Carp