Plant Care

Pond plants not only look great, but they also provide removal of nitrate in pond water which when in excess can aid the growth of blanketweed and surface algae. Adding plants to your ponds such as water lilies, floating plants, oxygenators or marginal plants really help to make a pond look more natural and provide better quality water for all your ponds inhabitants. We have a great range of plant baskets online as well as plant foods to really help your pond plants thrive.

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  1. Black round plastic Oase water lily planter
    Oase Plant Basket - 13cm Round
    Out of Stock Online
  2. Pond Plant Basket - Floating
    Pond Plant Basket - Floating
    Out of Stock Online
  3. Blagdon Clean Pond Pods
    Blagdon Clean Pond Pods
    From £9.99
  4. Pond Plant Basket - Round
    Pond Plant Basket - Round
    From £0.99
  5. Blagdon Flora Boost bottle 500 galons
    Blagdon Flora Boost
  6. Black plastic, circle water lily planter. Oase
    Oase Plant Basket - 22cm Round
    Out of Stock Online
  7. Pond Plant Basket - Square
    Pond Plant Basket - Square
    From £0.99
  8. black plastic oase circle plant basket
    Oase Plant Basket - 40cm Round
    Out of Stock Online
  9. 11cm water plant basket
    Oase Plant Basket - Square
    From £0.99
  10. Pond Plant Basket - Contour
    Pond Plant Basket - Contour
  11. Growise Aquatic Pond Compost
    Growise Aquatic Pond Compost
    From £6.99
  12. Maidenhead Aquatics Pond Gravel
    Maidenhead Aquatics Pond Gravel
    From £2.99