Aquarium Food

Maidenhead Aquatics sell a large range of fish foods for your aquariums including floating and sinking varieties of pellets, sticks, flakes and granules. We have specialist foods for marine fish, catfish and cichlids and even have foods made specifically for when you are away to make sure your fish don’t go hungry.

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  1. tetra colour, food, crisps
    Tetra Colour Tropical Crisps
    From £5.49
  2. Vitalis Goldfish Pellets
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets
    From £4.99
  3. tub of Vitalis anemone pellets
    Vitalis Anemone Pellets
    From £11.99
  4. tub of Vitalis SPS coral food.
    Vitalis SPS Coral Food
    From £11.99
  5. AquaCare Holiday Food Tropical log long lasting fresh water 7 days
    AquaCare Holiday Food Tropical (20g)
    Out of Stock Online
  6. TetraMin Baby (30g)
    TetraMin Baby (30g)
  7. Tetra Cichlid Pro (115g)
    Tetra Cichlid Pro (115g)
  8. Tetra Goldfish Sticks (93g)
    Tetra Goldfish Sticks (93g)
  9. TetraPro Menu (64g)
    TetraPro Menu (64g)
  10. Tetra Plecomin Tablets
    Tetra Plecomin Tablets
  11. TMC Gamma Complete Marine Pellets
    TMC Gamma Complete Marine Pellets
    Out of Stock Online
  12. TMC Gamma SPS Coral Liquid Food
    TMC Gamma SPS Coral Liquid Food
    From £8.99
  13. SuperFish Frozen Brine Shrimp (100g)
    SuperFish Frozen Brine Shrimp (100g)
    Out of Stock Online
  14. SuperFish Frozen Daphnia (100g)
    SuperFish Frozen Daphnia (100g)
    Out of Stock Online
  15. SuperFish Frozen Mysis (100g)
    SuperFish Frozen Mysis (100g)
    Out of Stock Online
  16. Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    Fluval Bug Bites Bottom Feeder
    From £6.49
  17. Vitalis Algae Flakes
    Vitalis Algae Flakes
    From £7.49
  18. Vitalis Plec Pellets
    Vitalis Plec Pellets
    From £8.99
  19. vitalis world feeds shrimp pellet 60g
    Vitalis Freshwater Shrimp Pellets
    From £5.99
  20. AquaCare Goldfish Soft Pellets
    AquaCare Goldfish Soft Pellets
    From £4.99
  21. algae, cichlid food.
    Tetra Cichlid Algae (165g)
  22. Tetra Marine Flakes (52g)
    Tetra Marine Flakes (52g)
  23. pleco food in the pouch with spirulina wafer high quality yellow
    Tetra Wafer Mix (68g)
    Out of Stock Online
  24. TMC Gamma Reef Copepods Liquid Food
    TMC Gamma Reef Copepods Liquid Food
    From £8.99