Aquarium Food

Maidenhead Aquatics sell a large range of fish foods for your aquariums including floating and sinking varieties of pellets, sticks, flakes and granules. We have specialist foods for marine fish, catfish and cichlids and even have foods made specifically for when you are away to make sure your fish don’t go hungry.

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  1. AquaCare Betta Pellets
    AquaCare Betta Pellets
  2. Hikari Marine S (50g)
    Hikari Marine S (50g)
  3. Hikari Marine A (110g)
    Hikari Marine A (110g)
  4. Hikari Discus Bio Gold (80g)
    Hikari Discus Bio Gold (80g)
  5. Hikari Crab Cuisine (50g)
    Hikari Crab Cuisine (50g)