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  1. Superfish Phos Pad 45x25cm
    Superfish Phos Pad 45x25cm
  2. Superfish Nitrate Pad 45x25cm
    Superfish Nitrate Pad 45x25cm
    Out of Stock Online
  3. Superfish Micro Pad 45x25cm
    Superfish Micro Pad 45x25cm
    Out of Stock Online
  4. AquaManta BioPro Filter Media
    AquaManta BioPro Filter Media
    Out of Stock Online
  5. AquaManta BioDynamic Filter Media
    AquaManta BioDynamic Filter Media
    Out of Stock Online
  6. AquaManta Phos-Nitra Reducer (1400g)
    AquaManta Phos-Nitra Reducer (1400g)
    Out of Stock Online
  7. Fluval BioMax filter media 170g box
    Fluval Biomax 110g
  8. 375g of Fluval Carbon
    Fluval Carbon 375g
  9. JBL Symec Filter media for all filters
    JBL Symec
    From £5.99
  10. pack of JBL Symec XL
    JBL Symec XL Filterwool
  11. packet of JB SymecVL
    JBL Symec VL
  12. a packet of PhoEX ultra, from JBL.
    JBL PhosEX ultra
  13. Seachem Matrix
    Seachem Matrix
    From £7.49
  14. Special offer
    JBL box of Bio Nitrate EX
    JBL BioNitratEx
    £12.99 £24.99
  15. Special offer
    JBL Silicat EX. Box
    JBL SilicatEx Rapid
    £14.99 £25.49
    Out of Stock Online