External Filter Media

The heart of every aquarium is the filter, and the heart of every filter is its media. We stock a large range of both internal and external filters and as such we also have all the replacement media. Not only does a filter help to keep the water clean and clear, but it’s also essential for removing harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water and providing vital water movement. Our range of filter media for external filters includes everything from poly pads to activated carbon.

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  1. media pack from Fluval for aquariums.
    Fluval Essential Media Pack
  2. AquaManta EFX Standard External Filter Carbon Pack
    AquaManta EFX External Filter Carbon Pack
    From £10.49
  3. Replacement Fluval BioMax Media.
    Fluval Biomax (500g)
  4. zero carb filter media
    Fluval Zeo-Carb (3 x 150g)
  5. box of 3x100g of Fluval media.
    Fluval ClearMax (3 x 100g)
  6. Fluval G Series Tri-X Cartridge
    Fluval G Series Tri-EX Cartridge
    From £16.49
  7. Fluval Carbon (3 x 100g)
    Fluval Carbon (3 x 100g)
  8. Fluval G Series Chemical Cartridge
    Fluval G Series Chemical Cartridge
    From £8.99