Pond Pumps come in a wide variety of different designs and uses. They can be essentially separated into 2 main varieties; those for air and those for water. Air pumps are primarily used to oxygenate the water to benefit the fish and plants. Water pumps come in an array of uses but in general they move water from one place to another, so from the pond to the filter or to bring life to water features and waterfalls. 

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  1. Aqua Airline Tube (25 m)
    Aqua Airline Tube (25 m)
  2. Superfish Mini Pond Waterfall Filter
    Superfish Mini Pond Waterfall Filter
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  3. AquaGarden 570 Pump
    AquaGarden 570 Pump
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  4. Floating Island pond filter.
    Pontec PondoClear Island 3000
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  5. Oase Satellite Strainer
    Oase Satellite Strainer
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